Science and Art? Absolutely!

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Science met Fiber Art at the library recently, and there was an explosion!  An explosion of creativity, that is.

When it comes to fiber art, science can play a huge role. In the hands-on program “Science Meets Fiber Art”, a creative group from the area, Art Before Noon, demonstrated 3 different techniques for creating surface design: dyeing with rust, printing on a plate made out of gelatin, and creating beautiful decorative papers using a mixture of paint and paste.

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The focus was on the process and on having fun while creating.   Experimentation was strongly encouraged!

paste paper participant        paste paper participant 2

The folks who attended the workshops fearlessly dived in with both hands and created marvelous papers and fabrics!

gelatin print action  paste paper janet

gelatin print on music    gelatin example 2

finished examples 2 finished examples 1 rust 1

And how can these beautiful papers and fabrics be used? Let me count the ways…you can make notecards, gift tags, background mats for framing, covers for books, notebooks, or pocket calendars, quilts, fashion accessories, home décor, scrapbook pages, and so much more. We have some great fabric and paper craft books in the library, by the way. Look for call numbers 702.81 to 745.54 in the Arts and Crafts Neighborhood.

If you weren’t able to attend, but you would like to try these techniques, these directions will help you along. Have fun!

Handouts from Science Meets Fiber Art

View more photos from the event in the Science Meets Fiber Art Photo Album.


Jill Mickel

Jill Mickel is a Public Services Specialist and a member of the Arts and Crafts team. Her passions are art and community, and she believes that art is for everyone! When she is not at the library or working in her studio, she can be found gardening, cooking, reading, or bird-watching.