2P’s, 1B and a few more things

It is finally August and August is National Peach month. In the Cooking Neighborhood there is a display with all kinds of cookbooks featuring peach recipes. There are also cookbooks with panini recipes as well as brownie recipes because August is also National Panini month and National Brownie month. Be sure and check out the cooking neighborhood as well as the display area for any recipes that you may want.

We have some new cookbooks that have some great recipes. The first is Peas and Thank You: Simple meatless meals the whole family will love by Sarah Matheny. If you are online and look at cooking blogs, this woman also has a cooking blog by the same name. This cookbook is full of mainstream recipes with a healthy no-meat twist. I have used several of her recipes from her blog and if these recipes are anythink like her book, you will definitely want to check out this cookbook.

Another new cookbook that has just come to the library is The Stocked Kitchen: One grocery list, endless recipes by Sarah Kallio and Stacy Krastins. How many times have you said to yourself, “What am I going to make for dinner?” Well, this book will help you out. The authors use one standard list of groceries to make over 300 recipes. If you are a new cook or know of someone that is just starting to cook, be sure and check out this cookbook.

One other cookbook that I think will be quite popular is The Casserole Queens Cookbook: Put some lovin’ in your oven with 100 easy one-dish recipes by Sandra Pollock and Crystal Cook. These authors are the same duo that was challenged by Bobby Flay to a Throwdown. The casserole queens take a quick-fix recipe such as chicken pot pie and twist it into something more modern. I have not seen this book yet, but I can’t wait to check it out.

Don’t forget that on Sept. 21st  at 6:00 pm. in the Marvin Auditoriuim, Chef Alli will be here demonstrating how to have great family meals. If you are interested, please call 580-4540 and make your reservation. Happy Cooking!!

Kathy is a former employee and wrote some great posts including the series All Booked Up.