DIY Craft Kits to Check Out

Try something new! Arts and Crafts Kits are available in the Arts & Crafts Neighborhood, in the West Wing, or place a request via

Learn techniques for knitting, origami, crochet and tatting. Kits come with supplies (yarn, paper, etc) you can use up – plus books, DVDs and tools that you’ll need to bring back. Kits check out for 21 days. Upon return, the library will restock for the next person.

Bring in your completed piece and let us know how you enjoyed your project. This is a new service of the library so we’re looking forward to your feedback. Leave a comment if you can’t come in.

Arts & Crafts Kits


Learn to Knit
Online resources:

Learn to Stitch Embroidery
Online resources:

Learn to Crochet
Online resources:

Learn to Spool Knit
Online resources:

Learn to Fold Origami
Online resources:

Learn to Loom Knit
Online resources:

Learn to Tat
Online resources:

Learn to Drop a Spindle
Online resources:
Look up “drop spindle” for instructional videos

Local stores/organizations



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