Make Your Neighbors Jealous with a Perfect Perennial Garden

Year after year perennials reliably bring color, texture and fragrance to the garden. These new additions to the Lawn & Garden Neighborhood will help you choose the right perennial in the right place for a dazzle-your-neighbor yard!

The Know-Maintenance Perennial Garden by Roy Diblik

Know your plants, know your site, and you have Roy Diblik’s “Know Maintenance” approach to perennial gardening. Traditional gardening practices – rototilling, wood mulching, fertilizing, deadheading – are time-consuming with often disappointing results; in contrast, Diblik’s system incorporates compatible plant communities grown closely together with leaf compost. This book features lovely photos of key plants for the Know Maintenance garden and includes 62 gardens plans for sun and shade.

Five-Plant Gardens by Nancy J. Ondra

New to gardening? Then Five-Plant Gardens is the perfect way to introduce perennials into your yard. Nancy Ondra knows that the beginner gardener can often be overwhelmed with plant choices and plans so she offers 52 simple-to-follow plans for perennial gardens using just five plants. Each plan includes a shopping list (with plenty of alternate plant suggestions), a bedding plan, and a season by season guide to keeping your garden looking its best.




Julie Nelson

Constant reader, book selector, shameless promoter of good reads - these are just a few of the things I do as a Collection Development Professional. I love sharing the hidden gems in our nonfiction collection!