Back to School (and work) Lunches

Are you in a brown-paper-bag-peanut-butter-sandwich-slump? Well then this is for you! Even if you are not sending kids or yourself back to school, once in a while we all can use inspiration for weekday lunches. Below are a few recommendations found in the Cooking Neighborhood and in the blogosphere.

Bento Boxes

Crafty Sandwiches

Build-a-Better Salad
I love making salads, but can easily get in a rut, so I like to turn to blogs and cookbooks for inspiration.

Family and Children

Call me crazy, but cookbooks geared towards families and kids making help making cooking so easy and healthy! They tend to provide great ideas for lunches, especially for those who are new to the kitchen.

The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman — There is a specific chapter for lunch, but they are not as creative as the other chapters in this book. Still, her “Creamy Tahini, Tofu, and Avocado Pitas” sound like a great place to start!

Yum-O! The Family Cookbook by Rachel Ray — The kiddos will be able to help you make school lunches (as well as yours!) with this easy-to-follow cookbook.  Try out the “Danish Lunch Box Smorrebrod” for something that’s resembles less of a Lunchable, and more like a meal or snack you want your family to eat.

Amanda’s Kids’ Lunch These do not look like a typical kid’s lunch (as least what mine looked like – PB&J sandwich, fruit cup, and granola bar), and definitely will give you great ideas for healthy, filling lunches you can easily put together.


Erin Seeger

I am the Lawn & Garden and Cooking Neighborhood Librarian who also leads the "Bean There, Read That" book discussion for folks in their 20s and 30s, facilitates the "Master Gardener" series, and the "Cooking by the Book" series at Garfield Community Center.