It's Time to Scrapbook!

I don’t need much of an excuse to start a new hobby and now here’s a holiday just to get me in the mood for something new! The first Saturday in May has been declared National Scrapbooking Day by many and the library has a great collection of scrapbooking and memory album books to inspire you.

Already one of the millions who love scrapbooks? Try a new technique or discover some fiction authors who incorporate scrapbooking into their writing. Be invigorated by this fun hobby and love it all over again.

Try something new!

  • Make a mini-album for an upcoming graduate or special event
  • Add journaling to your scrapbook pages
  • Incorporate different materials into your pages like lace, felt, fabric, buttons, ribbon and beads
  • Create your own paper with inks and dyes
  • Look at scraps in a different way – Recycle – Reinvent
  • Think beyond the edge of the page
  • Go 3-D and add dimension to your pages

Scrapbooking Fiction!

Take a break from your scrapbooks and do a little reading about scrapbooking instead!  The Kiki Lowenstein scrap-n-craft mystery series by Joanna Campbell-Slan is tons of fun.

Rebeca Seitz’s Sisters, Ink series weaves the love of sisters and the fun of scrapbooking into a set of touching books about four adopted sisters who see each other through life’s ups and downs (and scrapbooking parties).

A totally different take on scrapbooking fiction is Caroline Preston’s book The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt whose story is illustrated with various memorabilia: vintage postcards, magazine ads, ticket stubs, fabric swatches, candy wrappers, menus, and more. Her personal tale of the 1920 might just make you think a little differently about what you put in your own scrapbooks.

Feel inspired? Do you have a scrapbooking tale to tell? Share it with us here!

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