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I just looked through my box of Christmas ornaments from the basement and had a little bit of an epiphany. I have a few ornaments from my childhood (although many of them are still on the tree “at home”), a few store-bought filler ornaments, but mostly I had homemade ornaments from the last 15 years or so. Those handmade ornaments filled me with glee, happy memories, a few tears, and the urge to create. And surprise!

Surprise! I made this!

Why was I surprised? Well, I made so many Swedish stars one year that I seem to be overflowing with them still today. They are beautiful and fun for the whole family to make. I couldn’t make a Swedish star today without some detailed instructions and maybe someone helping out. But that year? I could make one in just a couple of minutes with my eyes closed. OK, my eyes were open, but you get the point.

You might know my Swedish star by another name; it can also be called the Advent star, Danish star, German star, Nordic star, Pennsylvanian star, Polish star, Christmas star, or Froebel star.

Crocheted snowflakes? Same story. A few years ago everyone got a little snowflake ornament and each one was different for two reasons. One, well, you know, no snowflake is the same as another, and two, I don’t like to make two things alike anyway. Ever. Those snowflakes were a fun, fairly quick project that helped me practice my thread crochet skills while giving to those I love.

To last a lifetime

Check us out from 1978!

Check us out from 1978! Those stockings were hung with care!

Handmade decorations and ornaments can last a lifetime. The Christmas stocking I’ve had since before I remember was made by a family friend to match my older sister and brother’s stockings and this vintage 1945 personalized stocking pattern is IT! (My name and birth year are at the top, of course.). It is one of those permanent pieces from my childhood.

Do any of you have this same stocking? It would be so awesome if you did!

Make your own

vintage christmasThe Arts and Crafts Neighborhood is stocked full of project books to help you create memories with your family the whole year round. Find holiday inspiration and new ways to use your talents so you can share them with the world! Or at least your family and friends.

Modern Holiday: Deck the Halls with 18 Sewing Projects: Quilts, Stockings, Decorations & More by Amanda Murphy

Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas: Crafts, Decorating Tips, and Recipes, 1920s-1960s by Susan Waggoner

100 snowflakes100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift – To Give or To Keep by Caitlin Sainio

Little Christmas Decorations to Knit & Crochet by Sue Stratford and Val Pierce

55 Christmas Balls to Knit: Colorful Festive Ornaments, Tree Decorations, Centerpieces, Wreaths, Window Dressings by Arne & Carlos

There’s still time for you to make something!

You can find me at the Media Desk and helping people with their Interlibrary Loan requests. I love to talk (and learn more) about spinning, knitting, weaving, crochet and any other fiber arts you can mention. Need assistance with a pattern or technique? I might be able to help. I am currently reading (and being inspired by) An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, The Circle by Dave Eggers, and Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. Current projects: making special gifts for new babies, cooking new recipes, discovering old (but new-to-me) crochet stitches, and getting my floor loom warped.

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