Feeding Your Pet Bird

Poor nutrition is one of the biggest causes of disease and early death in pet birds. Feeding your bird well can be simple if you follow these steps.

1.  Limit the amount of bird seed: Feeding your bird a total diet of bird seed is unhealthy for it. A diet of total seeds is unbalanced and lacks several important vitamins and nutrients. It would be the same as if you ate just one food. Make sure seed makes up a small portion of your bird’s diet.

2.  Limit the amount of pellets: A total diet of all-in-one pellets is not  advisable either. Pellets are better than seeds but fall short of providing everything your bird needs.

3. The best things come from your own refrigerator: Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must if you want to keep your bird healthy. They provide the nutrients that are not in seeds and pellets. Be sure to wash your produce completely, and buy organic if possible. The best fruits and vegies are the ones with the deepest colored flesh.  

4. Share your own meals with your bird: Share your food with your feathered friend, but make sure not to give him anything fatty or salty, and no red meat. Try whole wheat bread and pasta, some brown rice, or a sweet potato. Avoid anything that is processed.

5. Avoid avacados, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, garlic, celery, mushrooms, and alcohol. Also, resist giving any junk food that is salty or high in fat.

If you would like to make some food for your bird that will be healthy and good for it, check out The Healthy Bird Cookbook: A Lifesaving Nutrition Guide and Recipe Collection or Gourmet Bird Food Recipes. You can find these books and many more books about pet parrots in the Pets Nieghborhood.

Marta Miles

My name is Marta Miles, and I have been a reference librarian at TSCPL for 32 years. I'm a life-long animal lover and owner. I've owned guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, dogs, rabbits, and birds. I currently share my abode with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boomer and a cockatiel named Piper. Come see me if you have questions about the Pets Neighborhood. You can also contact me if you have questions about books in our Home Neighborhood.