Shortcuts to Homemade Cookies – YUM!

In a hurry for something sweet? Try these cookies!

I do love a good cookie and I don’t think I’ve met many cookies I don’t like. But even better than a good cookie is a cookie that takes little time to make! I’ve got a few recipes in my file that are my go-to cookies when time is short.

Loaded Cookie

This is one of my favorite quick cookies. I vary the ingredients depending on what I have in my pantry – only a few butterscotch chips in that bag, then dump it in! I’ve only got a couple of tablespoons of pecans left, in they go! I love the combination of sweet and salty, so this cookie is a favorite. For the cookies I made for this column, I added chocolate chips, pretzels, cornflakes, just a few rainbow sprinkles, butterscotch chips, and chopped dried apricots. Here’s the recipe I found on the Food Network site.

Andes Mint Cookie

Another cookie that is super easy and quick to put together besides being so yummy and gooey when they first come out of the oven is this recipe for an Andes Mint Cookie. I found this recipe on the Six Sisters Stuff website a few years back and it’s been in regular cookie rotation at my house ever since. Only three ingredients for the cookie and the frosting is an Andes Mint that you put on the cookies when they come out of the oven, then swirl around on the cookies when they melt. So good!

Fudgy Peppermint Cookies

Because I tend to think there are never enough chocolate cookies, I’ve made these Cake Mix Fudgy Peppermint Cookies several times, usually during the holidays. There is no reason not to use this recipe year round, just substitute rainbow sprinkles for the crushed peppermint. This recipe is a little richer with the addition of egg and whipping cream but worth it. From start to finish, including baking time, less than an hour!

Make Them Your Own

The best part about all of these recipes is you can have fun and change up the flavors however you want! Try a different flavored cake mix – strawberry, pineapple, cherry – then add your own twist. With the cake mix base, you are pretty much assured a soft, cakey cookie.

More Shortcuts

I’m all for shortcuts when I can and I’m short on time. I often use rotisserie chicken in soups and casseroles. Refrigerated pie crust is my friend. Pizza dough already made? Count me in. What shortcuts do you like to use and find successful? Below is my list of books on kitchen shortcuts I found at the library. Don’t forget you can also read food magazines using the Flipster, thanks to your fabulous Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library! (Curbside Pickup might be my favorite new shortcut!)

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