Kansas Author Nancy Sprowell Geise

Join Nancy Sprowell Geise in the Topeka Room (204) on Sunday, September 9, 2012 for a discussion of her novel, The Eighth Sea, a love story involving two unforgettable characters – Brenna and Nathan.  Their story is our story, its theme universal – finding the meaning of our lives, our way home.

In 1769, on the shores of St. Christopher in the West Indies, Weston and Emily Emerson are devastated by the sight of their infant daughter’s blanket floating among the splintered remains of a lifeboat.  The voyage that began with promise of a new beginning in America ends in tragedy when a violent storm separates them from their child.  Believing their daughter has perished, the heartbroken Emersons continue their voyage to the Colonies, not knowing Brenna was rescued.

Nineteen years later, Brenna, unaware of her true identity, begins an odyssey that will take her far from her dismal existence on St. Christopher.  A chance encounter with a stranger will forever change the course of her life.  In the old Roman city of Bath, England that man begins an unrelenting search for Brenna that sweeps across England, involving romance, murder and intrigue.

Nancy Sprowell Geise was raised in Ames, Iowa and is a graduate of Iowa State University.  She and her husband lived in Austin, Texas and Fort Collins, Colorado before moving to Topeka in 2010.

A book signing will follow the author talk.  For more information please call the Topeka Room at 785-580-4510.

*Book and Biographical information supplied by the author.

Charity Rouse

Charity is a Public Service Specialist working with genealogy and local history reference in the Topeka Room/Genealogy. Her start at TSCPL came as a genealogy researcher soon after the Baker Genealogy Center opened in November 2007. In early 2009, she became a Genealogy volunteer and in May 2010 she came to work at TSCPL. She earned her Master of Library Science degree from Emporia State University in December 2011. One of her favorite times of year is when the Topeka Room is decked out for the holidays.

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