New Fitness and Exercise DVDs in the Health Information Neighborhood


too cold

Don’t let wintery weather be your excuse!

Find these new fitness DVD titles and many more options to inspire your indoor winter workout in the Health Information Neighborhood — plus check your blood pressure and then use the digital scale to check your weight and BMI.

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  • 30 Minutes to Fitness. Body Shop
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 30 M
    Kelly Coffey-Meyer, fitness professional, utilizes traditional dumbbell exercises and compound movements with fresh and effective variations. These workouts have smooth transitions and a non-stop pace to keep you motivated and challenged
  • Ballet Beautiful. Cardio Fat Burn
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 BAL
    Burn fat and get a tight and toned body with one of many fitness instructors/trainer to the stars! Get the heart rate up while sculpting and toning the entire body in a fun and challenging high intensity workout! Includes four ten minute fat burning cardio Allegra workouts, complete with intervals and mat exercises focusing on building lean, toned muscles in the abs, arms, butt and legs. Finish it all off with an extended stretch to lengthen the muscles and a cool down session.
  • Element, Barre Conditioning
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 BAR
    Grace meets athleticism in these two innovative workouts. Shot in a picturesque garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the standing Burn & Firm program is designed to elevate the heart rate as its tones the upper body, lifts the seat, shapes legs and strengthens the core. It starts with isometric conditioning using small controlled movements and then layers on larger low impact moves designed to build heat with a vigorous flow.
  • Biggest Loser. 8 Minute Body Blasters
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 BIG
    Not enough time in the day to train ‘The Biggest Loser’ way? Wrong! Whether just beginning or ready to take the fitness up a notch, this six-week program provides three pound-shedding workouts designed to beat the bulge one intensity level at a time. These eight-minute, high-intensity workouts combine the elements needed to maximize calorie burn for a fast, body-blasting workout sure to shed inches while sculpting abs, butt, arms and legs.
  • Biggest Loser. 6 Week Cardio Crush
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 BIG
    It’s no secret, to get losing get moving! The contestants drop pounds on NBC’s hit series ‘THE BIGGEST LOSER’ and now it’s everyone’s turn! Whether just beginning or ready to take the fitness up a notch, this six-week program provides three pound-shedding workouts designed to beat the bulge one intensity level at a time.
  • Kathy Smith. Barre Body Lift Workout
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 KAT
    Four dance-inspired workouts for arms, legs, buns, & tummy! ‘Defy gravity with my Barre Body Body Lift Workout, a unique combination of exercises to lift, tighten, and sculpt those hard-to-reach muscles and give you the strength, energy, and shape you’ve always wanted. I will show you how to trim inches and tone muscles using a series of small, concentrated movements, and create long, beautiful lines with deep stretches. Sculpt a sleek, younger-looking you in no time!’ –
  • Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 MIK
    Internet fitness sensation Mike Chang has helped millions of people around the world to get into top-notch shape with his signature fitness system. A dynamic, body-blasting system obliterates fat and sculpts a mean midsection with four core-focused workouts that repeat a tailored series of quick, calorie-burning exercises designed to chisel the entire body.
  • Tracie Long. Power Up Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 TRA Join certified fitness trainer, Tracie Long, as she uses action packed moves to help you power up and trim down. Includes intense metabolism boosting segments followed by active recovery.
  • Tracie Long. Lift Higher
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 TRA
    Join Tracie Long as she works the entire backside of the body from the waist down with challenging exercises designed to help you feel the burn in all the right places, particularly the butt and the saddle bag area.
  • Tracie Long. Kickback
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 TRA
    Join certified fitness trainer, Tracie Long, as she delivers heart-pumping cardio interval workouts focusing on maximum caloric burn
  • Tracy Anderson. Perfect Design Series. Level III, Advanced
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 TRA In level three of the Perfect design series, Tracy Anderson leads 51 minutes of innovative sequencing for advanced level performers, including warmup, abs workout, arms and legs, butt, and thighs. A yoga mat or towel and a chair is needed for this workout
  • Weight Watchers. Ultimate Belly Series
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 WEI
    Improve core strength and get the belly in tip top shape. The secret to a strong and lean core is working all the way through it, front to back and side to side. These routines work the abs in progressions and directions that help to strengthen and firm the midsection. Each exercise in each segment is broken down into levels that go from “just starting out” to “advanced” so that they can be mixed and matched
  • Weight Watchers. 15-Minute Boot Camp Series
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7 WEI
    With workouts that focus on the Upper Body, Lower Body, Core and Cardio, this is a program that is finely tuned to fit into anyone’s day. There are four fifteen-minute workouts to mix and match or do two, three or even all four to work the whole body. Each routine is specifically designed with ‘starter’ and ‘experienced’ versions of the exercises so that anyone can work out at any pace. Instructor Jennifer Cohen makes it easy to follow each level of movement.
  • 10 Minute Solution. High Intensity Interval Training
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.715 10 M
    Ten-minute workouts to shape up your body. Features High intensity interval training 101, Ab high intensity interval training, Upper body high intensity interval training, High intensity interval training explosion, and Rock bottom high intensity interval training.
  • Burn Fat Fast. Latin Dance
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.715 BUR
    Salsa the body slim with Denise Austin’s sizzling Latin dance workout designed to torch calories, define waist and sculpt lean, sexy muscle from head to toe. This exhilarating, thirty-minute dance party includes four mini-routines that are easy to follow so that the focus is on the fat-burning fun instead of the fancy footwork.
  • Dance Off the Inches. Cardio Hip Hop Party
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.715 DAN
    Anyone can dance off the inches. We’ve made it easy. Ten moves are all that is needed to follow these routines, and we’ll show how. No matter the age or fitness level, anyone can have a great time while dancing into great shape. It’s that simple. Losing inches has never been so easy.
  • Denise Austin. Fat Burning Walk
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7176 DEN
    Walk away to slim and improve a overall health with Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Walk! Boosting the metabolism and burn fat fast in a 30-minute complete walking workout with over 4,200 steps!
  • Leslie Sansone Just Walk. 5 Mega Miles with Band
    Health Information Neighborhood 613.7176 LES
    Burn and firm at the same time with time-saving mega miles.
  • Dash Diet
    Health Information Neighborhood
    613.25 DAS Developed in research funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Dash diet is the only unified and medically proven plan to treat all issues of metabolic syndrome. The Dash diet is based on a healthy eating pattern with its fruits and vegetables, low fat and nonfat diary, beans, nuts and seeds at its core and also incorporates whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs. plus heart healthy fats and oils. Dash is researched driven and designed to be satisfying and flexible enough to fit into every lifestyle.