What Color is Your Parachute? 40th Anniversary Edition

For forty years now, job-hunters and career-changers have been turning to What Color is Your Parachute for the most current information about the job market and how to find meaningful work – even in the midst of challenging economic times.  The 40th edition of the popular manual has been vastly re-written because job-hunting has increasingly become a survival skill. And although it has been revised every year since 1970, the basic core has remained the same since the beginning: Where do you go from here with your life?

Some of the questions discussed and answered in the 40th Edition are:

  • What are the five best –and worst — ways to search for a job?
  • What are the most helpful job sites on the Internet?
  • What interview questions can I expect to be asked, and how do I answer them?
  • I want to use a resume. What should I include?
  • Since I’m out of work, I’d like to use this opportunity to find more purpose and sense of mission in my next job.  How do I do that?
  • What are the ten biggest mistakes made during interviews?
  • I’m over fifty.  What special problems do I face when I go job-hunting?
  • I’m just starting on my job hunt. I know networking is important, but I don’t have a network.  How do I build one?

The author goes on to say that there are three basic Attitudes Necessary for Survival While Out of Work. They are as follows:

While out of work it may seem that you are up against forces that you are powerless to change. So, the First Important Attitude is to find something that is within your power to change, whether it be merely the decision to drink more water, walk more, read a book, etc.

The Second Important Attitude is to assume that nothing that worked before will necessarily work now.  You must re-examine every job-hunting method there is and reconsider whether there is a better way to go about your search.

The Third Important Attitude for survival is to assume that everything happens for a reason; nothing that happens to us is meaningless or senseless – even being out of work for a time.

The ideas of this 40th edition are fresh but wrapped around the core message of all the previous Parachute editions – that is,  finding the WHAT, WHERE, and HOW of finding your passion through work and identifying your best transferable skills.  This book will give you the tools, exercises, and motivation you need to find hope and fulfill your purpose in life.

If you are searching for a job or would like to explore career possibilities, you can check out What Color is Your Parachute from the Library’s “Jobs & Careers” Neighborhood. We also have many other job and career resources there.  You can also access our virtual “Jobs & Careers” Neighborhood online.










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