Oh My, These Reads Spill So Many Secrets

Finding an excuse to read will be easy with these secret-keepers. Check out this book list for those who like to get nosey or who just like the drama of secrets revealed. There’s new titles and old mixed in here. Let us know in the comments which titles you liked best.

thecaretakerThe Caretaker by A. X. Ahmad
Ranjit Singh was a former Indian army captain who fled to the U.S. and is now barely able to make a living as a landscaper at Martha’s Vineyard. He is desperate for work when he is offered a job as a caretaker of a Senator’s home. Ranjit secretly moves his family into the Senator’s home. Things are starting to go better for them until one night the home is broken into by men with guns. This is a thrilling novel where the outsider, Ranjit, must enter a world full of insider’s secret deals. Learn the truth about the Senator in The Caretaker by A.X. Ahmad. – Christina Callison, tscpl.org blogger


Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi
Protagonist Trudi Montag, a Zwerg, a term for German dwarf woman, shares her secrets to survival living through two wars and describes her community in intimate detail. Trudi has a special way with people. She’s the collector of her community’s secrets. Trudi goes through a lot and exposes a lot to the reader throughout this complex novel. This story deals with tough subject matter and gets a little strange sometimes, but these were unspeakable times in Germany.  – Lisa Coble-Krings, tscpl.org blogger


ghostmanGhostman by Roger Hobbs
In Atlantic City a casino robbery that was planned to the very last detail went terribly wrong leaving one of the robbers dead and the other one shot and in hiding with over a million in cash. A massive manhunt is underway. Marcus, the mastermind behind the robbery, doesn’t know if the surviving robber is hurt, dead or worse — planning on taking the money and run. Marcus needs someone to clean up the mess and retrieve the money, so he calls in on a debt and asks for help from Jack. Jack, who keeps his identity a closely guarded secret, becomes just another obstacle to be eliminated. He risks his life while trying to repay a mistake he made years ago that still haunted him.
– Christina Callison, tscpl.org blogger


The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio
An American couple and an English flower thief’s lives are intertwined beautifully in this romantic novel. Addison and Rex arrive at the English country estate, and unbeknownst to Rex, Addison wants to leave the U.S. to escape a secret. While exploring, she learns of the flower thief’s objective to capture the rare camellia, hidden in the orchard on the estate. Addison’s secret is at stake of being revealed the more she pursues the story of the camellia, which leads to a secret of several missing women in town.
Christina Callison, tscpl.org blogger


chinaA Memoir from China: A Little Red Guard by Wenguang Huang
In the midst of the Cultural Revolution in China, the government was banning many of the traditional practices like burials and coffins. Wenguang Huang’s grandmother wanted her family to defy the ban and plan a traditional funeral complete with a coffin. At the time their grandmother’s health was fine, but she was obsessed with her funeral, and in spite of her family’s attempt to dissuade her, she continued her campaign. The family finally gave up and had a coffin built despite the threat of exposure and punishment from the government. The secret coffin brought the family together, but also caused friction as the family argued about grandma’s funeral while she continued to live for many more years. Huang’s memories of his family are tempered by time and distance as he has grown up and moved to the U.S., and the result is a touching memoir that chronicles the complicated ties that bind families together.  – Christina Callison, tscpl.org blogger

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