The Road to Success in Eureka: How Invention Happens

Eureka: How Invention HappensEver hear of Sir George Cayley born 1773 or Perry Pilcher or even Otto Lilienthal who wanted to make gliding a widespread hobby? All of these men in one way contributed to the invention of the Wright Brothers eureka moment when finally everything came together for a successful flight. In Eureka: How Invention Happens Gavin Weightman examines the history of invention.

The book looks at five inventions: the airplane, the television, the mobile phone, the bar code, and the personal computer. The history of each invention focuses on the men and their lives, as well as their ideas and technology of the time. These stories weave fascinating tales that bring to life the invention and the science, but also illustrate the author’s surprising conclusion about the importance of the amateur or outsider inventor.

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