The Amazing Story Behind Prohibition in Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition

Last Call

Prohibition conjures many images from speakeasies to mobsters, and the history of this movement is anything but simple. From the beginning this country has had a close relationship with alcohol, even more so then today. So it is surprising that what began as a small grass roots movement would turn into the Eighteenth Amendment. This ambitious account Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition by Daniel Okrent chronicles this fascinating journey in both American politics and society.


The book’s narrative follows the movement from start to finish describing the personalities involved like William Jennings Bryan, Sam Bronfman, and, the “Prohibition Portia” Mabel Willebrandt. The history is also thoroughly researched with extensive notes that brings the story to life with details that are not soon forgotten. Interestingly, this is a great saga that is not just about prohibition but illustrates how a political and social movement can evolve and impact this country.


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