Stephen R. Donaldson’s latest in The King’s Justice

The King's JusticeA man called Black whose magic is embedded in his skin has traveled to Settle’s Crossways after a young boy is murdered. Black thinks the killer is an evil shaper who is trying to use his magic to upset the balance of the elements, but Black discovers something different about this magic that could be lethal to him and threaten the king in The King’s Justice, the first novella of two in this collection called The King’s Justice.

The second novella is called Augur’s Gambit about Mayhew Gordian who reads signs that predict the future from animal entrails. From his readings Mayhew has seen warnings of two great threats that could destroy his homeland. Mayhew can only see the warning of the threats and nothing more, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to destroy the danger. These two fantasy novellas are the latest work from the bestselling author Stephen R. Donaldson who is also the author of the classic fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

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