Staying Alive in Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me DeadThirteen year old Jace Wilson was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he saw the Blackwell Brothers murder and dump a body. Jace is the only witness to their crimes and with his life in grave danger his desperate parents give Jace a new identity and send him to a wilderness survival program for teens deep in Montana’s backcountry.

The isolation from cameras and peering eyes provide limited protection of Jace’s location as the violent Blackwell Brothers leave a trail of bodies behind in their quest to find the boy. A camp counselor, his wife, and another woman along with Jace are the only defenses against the oncoming threat from the murderers. Those Who Wish Me Dead is the latest thriller from Michael Koryta where the danger and twists only accelerate as the pursuit after Jace closes in while fire threatens to engulf the mountains.

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