Serial Killers in The Killing Lessons

The Killing LessonsTwo serial killers are leaving behind a trail of murdered mutilated women. Their next victim is a woman with two children who live in an isolated home in the wilds of Colorado. The killers’ attack goes as planned until the woman’s young daughter escapes after she sees one of the men’s faces. She is hurt, frightened, and lost in the forest with the killers not far away.

Homicide Detective Valerie Hart has been trying to catch the killers since their first murder in San Francisco. As the list of victims has grown so has her frustration, but she has never given up trying to find the murderers. Hart doesn’t know about the little girl, but the only hope for the girl is the detective finding the killers in time in The Killing Lessons by Saul Black. This thriller is fast paced as the story moves between the killers, the girl, and the detective.

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