Squirrel Moments

Hello my fellow movie-lovin’ nerdizzles! Some of my friends in the near and distant past, have “accused” me on occasion of having squirrel moments – where I jump from topic to topic with no visible connection. So for this movie conversation, I’m dipping into my recently satisfied holds queue and a coming soon remake. The movies aren’t connected in any way… oh look, a squirrel!

1. A Star is Born

Have you heard?!? There’s a remake coming later this year with Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa! When I saw the trailer I knew I needed to watch the 1976 version with Kristofferson & Streisand. It’s a classic for sure but ooo-wee, this movie needs a warning label! It’s a 5-hanky kind of movie because it made me ugly-cry and I was not prepared at all for that. I’m also gonna watch the 1954 version with Garland & Mason. Cross your fingers for me that it’s not a 5-hanky movie too!

Here’s a clip of Streisand singing Evergreen. She won an Oscar for it!

2. I Can Only Imagine

Do you know MercyMe? They’re a christian rock band with some exceptional Christmas albums! That was my introduction – through their Christmas music. I Can Only Imagine tells the story of how their most popular song was created. I thought it was a good overview and I like watching Dennis Quaid – even though he doesn’t play the most upstanding character!

I know, I know. its not movie related, but I just love their Christmas song Gloria and had to share!


3. Every Day

Every Day follows a teenage girl as she falls for someone who transforms into another person every day. It was cute, but didn’t really hook me and  left me thinking I might be too old to get this movie. I knew it was based on the book by David Levithan, but I didn’t get it read first. I might need to do that for the movie to make sense.

If you’re in the same boat as me on this movie, maybe this behind the scenes clip will help:


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