Finding your next read

Experiment with NoveList Plus to help you find what to read next. The library subscribes to this vast database of book titles you can search using your personal reading preferences. It’s free to use 24/7 with your library card. Here are just a few features that make this a valuable resource for fiction and nonfiction readers of all ages.


Find books similar to the one you just finished but really didn’t want to end. For practice go to the NoveList Plus home page and start a basic title search for The Rooster Bar, John Grisham’s latest legal thriller. Look at the right side of the results page for other titles in this genre. Click on each book title to read the plot summary, the associated subject headings and reviews. Keep in mind these titles aren’t linked directly to the library’s catalog. If you find something that piques your interest, search for those titles in the catalog to see if they’re available in your desired print, ebook or audiobook format.

Author read-alikes 

The author read-alikes feature in NoveList Plus focuses more on writing style than genre. Using the same basic search for The Rooster Bar, click on the author’s name (John Grisham) and look on the right side for author read-alikes. David Baldacci appears as an author you might enjoy as his stories are often fast-paced, dramatic and suspenseful–similar writing style characteristics (pace and tone) often exhibited in Grisham’s novels.

Appeal factor 

If you are looking for something a little lighter for the holidays, go to the “browse by” tab on the NoveList Plus home page and click the “appeal” option. Select “fast-paced” for the pace and “funny” for tone to retrieve recommendations including titles by Jennifer Crusie, Carl Hiaasen and Steve Lopez.

Reviews and audiobooks 

Search or click on a book title to read reviews written by other readers via Goodreads and from well-known review sources such as Kirkus, Booklist and Publishers Weekly. If there is an “audiobook” tab under the book description, the title is available in audiobook format. The “audiobook” tab will also tell you who narrates the book and the duration. The more about this book” tab gives a list of subject headings attributed to each title. If you like books with corruption as a theme, click on that subject heading to get even more titles to explore.

Lexile rating 

In NoveList Plus many books for young readers are assigned a Lexile rating, a scientific measurement of the book’s readability or how difficult a book is to comprehend. It’s a good tool for finding a book that matches a child’s reading ability and interests. In NoveList Plus, start by searching for a title your child enjoyed to check for an assigned Lexile rating. Go to the home page and use advanced search to find other books using that Lexile score or in that Lexile range. Enhance your results by choosing other options such as age range, fiction or nonfiction, starred reviews and award winners to find lots of fun reads. Look at the “how do I?” tab to learn more about Lexile ratings.​

As a Public Services Specialist, in addition to Reference work and serving on special project committees I enjoy promoting and coordinating nature-themed programs for adults and families. My interests include hiking trails locally and in National Parks, reading about and traveling to Alaska, Sandhill Crane migration, Monarch waystations, and volunteering as a certified K-State Extension Master Naturalist (2014-present). Peter Matthiessen's Shadow Country is my all-time favorite novel.