New movies on the way

Start placing holds on movies you want to see. We’re always ordering new movies to keep you entertained. Check the catalog regularly to see if the film you want to see is available for check out or on order. If the movie is on order, you can place it on hold now. If the movie isn’t in our catalog, you can always suggest we  purchase it.

In addition to blockbuster movies, we order movies that are lesser known. Many of these films may not have been available in local theaters. If you heard about an interesting or award winning film that never made it to our theaters (or wasn’t here very long), check the library catalog. You may be able to view it from the comfort of your home for free. Here’s a list of recently ordered new releases that weren’t blockbusters but may be what you want to watch.

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We order many copies of blockbuster movies to try to reduce the wait time before you can check out these popular films. See this list of recently ordered blockbusters.

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