New Audiobooks Service Offered to Customers

The State Library of Kansas is in the process of transition. Soon its contract will expire with the e-content provider OverDrive. It’s new service for downloadable audiobooks is called OneClick Digital.

If you are a cardholder with the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, you can use your card to access the new service here or by clicking on “Find Stuff” on the Home page, then the “OneClick Digital Audiobooks” link. Customers must enter their library card number and create an account with a username and password that you will use to access digital audiobooks here on out.

Initially, cardholders will see a limited number of popular titles, but more audiobooks will be added in the coming weeks. Customers can check out an audiobook for up to 21 days. Right now, the media manager for OneClick Digital is not compatible with Android or Apple products. However, using the manual transfer system, customers should be able to get the audiobook files onto those devices.

There have been some reported problems with integration with iTunes and various other issues with OneClick Digital Media Manager. Until it is out of beta, customers can expect various glitches and issues. If customers experience issues using OneClick Digital Media Manager, try using the manual transfer system which has proven more stable.

On Dec. 5, we will lose access to the State Library’s Overdrive system. The State is working to replace Overdrive’s ebook service with 3M Cloud Library. At this time, we do not have an exact date for the launch other than in “early December.” The library is currently pursuing its own Overdrive ebook service and plans on launching it in mid-December. Stay informed of the latest by checking back on or ask a librarian.

Learn more about the State Library’s service here.

Read more about the changes to downloadable ebooks and audiobook services.

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6 thoughts on “New Audiobooks Service Offered to Customers

  1. It is very disappointing that OneClick Digital is not compatible with Android or Apple products. I exclusively use my iphone for audiobooks. These added steps will decreased the likelihood that I will load books on to my phone.

  2. Kristy, sorry about the delay in responding and thank you for your comment. We think we can help you continue to enjoy audiobooks from the library. If this comment isn’t helpful, please ask a librarian in person or via online chat from our home page.

    The Library’s Overdrive audiobooks do not have any issues with Apple products, so customers can use that as an alternative. We are currently building our downloadable ebook and audiobook collection so in the short term titles are limited. Expect more options soon.

    As for the OneClick Digital software, it is in beta, so some devices Android and Apple devices work and others do not. Here is a link to the known compatible devices,

    The service will work with almost all devices. The problem is with the Media Manager software that transfers the audibook to your device for you. If a device does not work with the Media Manager, customers can use OneClickDigital’s manual download method. Basically, this allows you to download an mp3 version of the audiobook and transfer it manually to your device, bypassing the Media Manager software. You do have to know how to manual load mp3s to your device, but a user manual should show that.

    We have instructions for OneClickDigital here which discusses the manual download method.

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