It’s never too late in Mimi Malloy At Last

Mimi Malloy at LastMimi Malloy doesn’t remember her childhood, at least that is what she tells herself and her grown daughters. Instead, she enjoys her retirement and loves being in her own apartment where she can smoke cigarettes to her heart’s content while sipping on her Manhattan and listening to Frank Sinatra. Her daughters refused to be ignored, though, and worry that Mimi’s lack of memories is the beginning of dementia and want Mimi to move out of her apartment.

Mimi is not about to leave her home without a fight. As her daughters ask their mother to remember and with the discovery of a pendant, Mimi’s memories slowly return along with the secrets about her childhood and her missing sister. Mimi Malloy At Last by Julia MacDonnell is a coming of age story for any age as Mimi finally faces her past, her daughters, and life’s failures and successes. Mimi who is supposed to have a heart of stone rediscovers life, love, and family.


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