Murder in the Vineyard in Grapes of Death

Grapes of DeathElise Becketts’s family’s vineyard is being threatened by the black sheep of the family, Uncle Edmond, who is causing a stink after being excluded from Elsie’s father’s will. Edmond wants a big piece of the vineyard to sell and unfortunately for the family a payment is coming due making the vineyard vulnerable. Elsie, her mother and brother and all the other family members want the problem of Edmond to go away, and it does- after he is murdered.

The entire family is under suspicion including Elsie, but there are anonymous buyers who also want the vineyard and it’s up to Elise to discover the secrets behind the dangerous world of wine making in Grapes of Death: A Tangled Vines Mystery by Joni Folger. This light-hearted mystery set in Texas features Elsie and her family in a small town where there are still some secrets worth killing for.

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