The Murder Squad Returns in The Devil’s Workshop

The Devil's WorkshopTrain cars crash into HM Prison Bridewell causing a wall to collapse and releasing some of London’s deadliest killers. Inspector Walter Day and Sargent Nevil Hammersmith are sent to investigate the accident and discover that the facts are not adding up and that the train crash might not be an accident but a planned escape.

Most of the escaped prisoners make their way into London trying to hide from the authorities, except for one of the killers who has decided to seek revenge on his arresting officer from the murder squad. Unknown to the detective the killer has already targeted his family and home.

In The Devil’s Workshop, Day and Hammersmith follow the leads to a shocking conspiracy of vigilante justice and the reemergence of one of the bloodiest of killers known to history. This mystery is the third installment of the best-selling series of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad where Victorian London’s chilling crimes come alive in these gritty mystery novels. The first book in the series is The Yard and is followed by Black Country.

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