Murder in the Mountains in Killing Trail

Killing TrailDeputy Mattie Cobb and her police dog, Robo, make up the K-9 unit for the Timber Creek County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado. Mattie and Robo are untried since they had just finished their training, but when there is suspicious activity in the mountains, the sheriff needs their help searching the area. Mattie and Robo are put to the test and they discover a dog that had been shot but was still alive and the murdered owner, a teenage girl from Timber Creek.

The murdered girl was popular and well-liked so her killing is hard to believe especially when drugs are connected to the crime. Timber Creek is full of secrets that are worth killing for and soon the girl’s murder is followed by another killing. Mattie and Robo are going to have to go beyond what they learned in their training to expose a murderer in Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima. This is her first book and the first in the new series A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery.

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