The Murdering Debut of Fall from Grace

Fall From Grace

Leo Desroches’s luck ran out long ago when his gambling habit lost him his family and job as a reporter. Then things began to turn around when he was given a second chance to write for Edmonton’s newspaper. Despite his inner demons, this is an opportunity he doesn’t want to waste. This time he’s the first reporter to arrive at a murder scene, and now he’s been given a chance for a scoop- to see the body during the investigation.

For Leo the victim is not a faceless young woman, but someone’s daughter, friend or sister and the waste of life has an overpowering impact. He’s doesn’t just report on the case but begins to investigate the murder, and discovers she may not be the only victim.

The stakes are always high with murder especially when Leo digs deeper into the case and begins to be at ever increasing odds with the local police. In Fall from Grace by Wayne Arthurson, Leo is on the verge of destruction from within, but also from this case because this killer does not want to be discovered.

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