A Medieval Murder in The Sins of the Father

The Sins of The Father After years of turmoil King John died leaving England vulnerable with his young son as the King, seeing an opportunity Louis of France invades. As the lords of the land gather to fight off Louis, the Earl of Sheffield is murdered at the Earl of Surrey’s castle. There was a certain amount of animosity between the earls and in those uncertain times the threat of rebellion was constant, so the Earl of Surrey fears he could be accused of the murder with accusations of treason.

The murder must be solved quickly and with evidence that proves without a doubt who is the murderer. The castle’s bailiff is unable to investigate so the task is assigned to his son Edwin Weaver who is young and innocent of the dangerous world of politics and treachery. In The Sins of the Father: A Mediaeval Mystery by C.B. Hanley Edwin has only until the next day at sundown to solve the case, and he must use all of his wits to find the clues to stop a killer and save the Earl and his followers.

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