Love, Loss, and the Dead in Hitchers

Atlanta is struck by a terrorist attack that kills thousands while at the same time cartoonist Finn Darby is in a car accident. His recovery is marked by blurting out things in a different voice. It seems the impossible has happened and Finn’s grandfather, who died two years ago, has come back and entered Finn’s body and is forcing him to say things.

The relationship between Finn and his grandfather was anything but loving. Finn had helped with his grandfather’s comic strip, but Finn’s grandfather did not want Finn to take over the strip. After his grandfather’s death, Finn disobeys his wishes and takes over the strip making major changes. Back from the dead, his grandfather wants to punish Finn and take over his body pushing Finn out.

Worse, it seems this phenomenon is not restricted to Finn but others throughout Atlanta struggle with the spirits of the dead that want to take over their living hosts. Time for those afflicted are running out unless Finn can discover what can severe the link and send the dead back in Hitchers by Will McIntosh. This novel is speculative fiction which explores guilt, relationships, and the ties that bind us both good and bad.


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