Keep Your Friends Close

I’m reading I’ll Be There for You by Kelsey Miller, which librarian Julie Nelson recommended last month in Lost in the Stacks. I had to do some mental exercises before I could pick it up because it exposes behind-the-scenes stories, which sometimes share too much and influence my feelings when I re-watch. However, this book mostly gives good feels for one of my favorite TV shows – Friends!

My first takeaway from the book is I’m going to be re-watching the whole show for about the umpteenth time thinking about all the tidbits I learned! Second, I need a Friends conversation, stat, because I need to talk about this!

Did you know that Bright & Kauffman’s (two of the three executive producers of Friends) first foray into TV was also HBO’s first attempt at scripted TV – Dream On [1991-1996]?

I have a burning desire to watch this now, but the library doesn’t have it. That’s okay, I’m just going to request  it from another library through ILL!

Did you know The One Where Everyone Finds Out in season 5 is the most loved episode by both critics and fans?

I’m not sure I agree with the author on this. Everyone has a different opinion and my personal fav is The One with the Embryos, where Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler in season 4.


Did you know people started using the term ‘comfort food’ when talking about Friends in season 8?

The author attributes this to 9/11 and the nation’s need for escapism during the aftermath. This was also the season the show finally won an Emmy for best comedy.

Is it weird that I actively avoid watching The One Where Ross & Rachel Take a Break and The One With The Morning After in season 3 ?

Breakups are hard, especially when we all know they were each other’s lobsters as explained in The One with the Prom Video in season 2! I’ve mentioned my warm and fuzzy tendencies more than once (find them here and here).


When do you think it jumped the shark?

Some argue it was when Ross said ‘Rachel’ at his wedding to Emily (season 4), while others argue it was Ross and Rachel’s drunken Vegas wedding (season 5).

Or…was it the icky relationship between Joey and Rachel (season 8)??!


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