HUSH Podcast #120 — Europe

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Reading Around the World Challenge

You want to be a worldly reader, but where to start? Throughout 2018, the library’s HUSH podcast will release 10 episodes with recommendations for the 10 categories of the Reading Around the World challenge. Learn more and sign up today!

Joining us in the studio: Chris Blocker

Chris works in public services and has been with the library since 2007. He has a great passion for writing, so it’s not uncommon to see him helping with library writing events. Chris holds an MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska, strives to be a successful novelist, and dabbles with graphic design when time allows. His favorite novel is East of Eden. He is fluent in Trek.

Chris is currently working on his own goal to read a book from every country in the world, so he had a list of great recommendations ready to help you fill in the Europe blank on your Reading Around the World form. He’s a fan of literary novels and isn’t afraid of high page counts, but he also offers some poetry and short story options for those who want less of a commitment. You’ll want to read every book on his list after you hear him share why he thinks they’re a good choice for your reading journey.

View complete list

View complete list

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  • May 22, 2018 – Reading Around the World: Northeast United States with Professor Vanessa Steinroetter

Meet your Hosts

Every three weeks, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley and Miranda Ericsson with special guests from the library and community in a new episode of HUSH.

Miranda Ericsson

Miranda is your Readers Librarian. She loves to talk books, and to connect readers with their next great reads. Her favorite reads are poetry, literary fiction, and speculative science fiction, and she's passionate about promoting literature written by Kansas authors. She works with library programs that support and engage writers in our community, so ask her for more information about the Local Writers Workshop and Great Writers Right Here author fair. Miranda also facilitates TALK book discussions, co-leads the BookBites book discussion group, and serves as a member of the library's 2Book Topeka team.