Give me a good procedural any day

I think I’ve been in love with the TV-procedural since the original Law & Order premiered in 1990. Also known as a procedural drama, this format usually involves a self-contained plot centering around some aspect of law enforcement (wikipedia). And I do lurv a good mystery – Person of Interest, BonesJAG, NCIS, The Mentalist, House and Elementary to name just a few 😉 !

These days I’m gravitating toward Criminal Minds, and that surprises me. Its been on-the-air for over a decade. In the beginning, I watched an episode and decided it was way too dark for my taste. They were hunting seriously sick and twisted humans. So I happily moved on. Skip ahead 10 years, my girls are now grown, when I discover one of them has her own movie crush on Shemar Moore and she’s been watching Criminal Minds! Knowing this, I wanted to be informed on her interests so I started watching it again and even though it’s subject matter is still seriously dark, I found things to like about it:

  • They have awesome guest stars: Mark Hamill as the Replicator (season 8)! C. Thomas Howell as the Reaper (season 4-5)! Jane Lynch as Reid’s mom! Danny Glover as Morgan’s dad (season 11)!
  • It’s like a Friends reunion party-of-one every time Paget Brewster is on (aka Joey and Chandler’s girlfriend in season 4).
  • The team’s family dynamic is just super!
  • Garcia and Morgan’s flirty banter! Even though I highly doubt it would ever fly ILR, oh how that banter makes me laugh.

Seriously, I’ve got it bad for this show. It’s so bad that I was not pleased at all when Thomas Gibson got fired and Reid went to jail this last season (12)!



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