The End of Innocence in Black Rabbit Hall

Black Rabbit HallLorna knew as soon as she saw the photo of Black Rabbit Hall that she wanted her wedding there because it reminded her of the house she and her mom visited when she was a child. Her fiancé isn’t sure about the manor because of its poor condition, but Lorna believes that the manor is somehow connected to her past and becomes fascinated by the history of the house and the family who lived there.

Thirty years earlier, Amber, a teenaged girl, and her family lived at Black Rabbit Hall where the outside world seemed separate from the house and the joys of her childhood seemed brighter. For the family time seemed endless until tragedy struck.

The past never really leaves the house as Lorna tries to discover the truth about herself and the house in Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase. This engaging novel echoes a fairy tale with an edge of darkness as the story of Lorna and Amber’s lives becomes intertwined.

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