Disturbances of the Mind in the Psychological Thriller, Blue Monday

Blue MondayIn 1987 a young girl was abducted with her disappearance making national headlines before her name faded from the public’s eye when she wasn’t found. Twenty years later another child goes missing. This time it’s a young boy and the media has again posted his image everywhere, but Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist, sees a possible connection to one of her clients.


Frieda goes to the police, but they need her help and expertise especially since speed is crucial if there is any chance of finding the boy. Though Frieda is supposed to be behind the scenes with her assistance, it is impossible for her to hide from the kidnapper, who would not hesitate to kill. Blue Monday by Nicci French is the first book in a series featuring Frieda. She is self-assured, independent, and something of a maverick, complete with her own secrets. The second book is Tuesday’s Gone.


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