Buried Secrets in The Winter People

Winter PeopleNear the little town of West Falls, Vermont in the woods is a place called Devil’s Land where there are rumors of evil and the children are not allowed to play. In 1908 on a farm nearby a young girl dies and her mother, Sara, soon dies under mysterious circumstances. Sara’s death leaves many questions, but she has kept a diary about the events around her daughter’s death.

Jump to the present day when a young woman, Ruthie, discovers that her mother has disappeared from the same farm near Devil’s Land where Sara had lived. Ruthie and her little sister search for clues and find Sara’s diary. In The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon time collides as the secrets from the past intrude onto the present day. This supernatural thriller follows Sara and Ruthie’s stories going back and forth between the two as Ruthie races to end the past’s hold on her family.


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