Bookmark Podcast S3 E2: No wrong way to read

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In this episode, out hosts discuss how we read and how there’s no wrong way to read.

Benefits of audiobooks

Man wearing an orange t-shirt and blue headphonesAudiobooks are one of our favorite ways to read. Miranda always has one going. She and Chris both love the ability to listen to a book while doing something else such as chores. Along with favorite authors, audiobook listeners tend to develop favorite narrators.  Did you know you can search our catalog by audiobook narrator? Simply type the narrator’s name in the search and all the books they narrate will appear.

Convenience of ebooks

There are tons of good things about reading ebooks! You get the convenience of having books on your device so you can read whenever you have a little extra time. Ebooks also let you read in the dark, screenshot a passage you want to remember or share, look up words in the text with a click, and change the font size. Autumn reads tons of ebooks because most of her advanced reader copies come as ebooks.

teen girl reading bookPrint is classic

Our hosts agree that print books are the best way to read. Nothing quite beats the tactile presence of a physical book you can hold.  Of course if it’s a giant book, that decision might be regretted. Miranda loves being able to take a physical copy in the bath and Autumn has trouble reading nonfiction in any other form.


We aren’t the type to read just one book at a time. Miranda is usually reading at least one print or ebook along with an audiobook. Chris is usually reading a combination of 2 to 3 books at one time. Autumn reads one fictional ebook and one nonfiction physical book at all times.

Graphic novels allow us to appreciate the extra dimension of art. Chris is picky about his graphic novel selections and tries to sprinkle in a few throughout his to be read pile a year. Autumn doesn’t seek graphic novels out, but a few, such as The Walking Dead series and Persepolis have stayed with her. Miranda enjoys graphic novels, but she’s put off if she doesn’t like the art style.

As for reading nonfiction, our hosts tend to prefer it only when it’s a subject they’re already interested in. Autumn loves narrative nonfiction and self-help. Chris’s pet peeve is when authors write from the perspective of a dead person and speculate what they would have thought or done.

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