All Booked Up: The Age of Desire

Heavily influenced by powerful literary icon Edith Wharton, Jennie Fields has written a book that takes readers on an adventure back to the Gilded Age. In her novel The Age of Desire, Fields weaves Wharton’s actual correspondence into her fictionalized story. Watch the video below to see what Kathy and Diana liked and disliked about this book.

The Age of Desire takes you back to the glamorous literary world of Paris during the turn of the century. The story follows Wharton, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, around the globe, but the book isn’t so much about the literary icon’s travels as it is about her life.

For fans of character-driven books, this title is a true gem and may remind them of The Paris Wife, Kathy said. Readers learn about Wharton, her husband, her lover and her governess-turned editor, Anna.

Diana remarked she didn’t know Wharton was such a “saucy lady,” adding Anna was put in a position many times to play the role of Wharton’s “conscience.”

It’s a well-written work of fiction worthy of checking out.
All Booked Up Rating: Excellent from Kathy! and Stylin’ from Diana

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