All Booked Up: Doc and The Yard

Kansas ties run deep in this edition of All Booked Up. Kathy and Diana discuss Doc by Mary Doria Russell and The Yard by Alex Grecian.

book jacket for DocDoc covers the adventures of Doc Holliday in Dodge City, while also alluding to his more famous exploits in Arizona. The historical fiction novel is true to the spirit of Dodge City in the Old West. The reader gains a lot of insight into not only Holliday, but also the Earp Brothers and Holliday’s live-in lover and gambling partner Big Nose Kate. Doc is among the 15 most notable Kansas books for 2012, according to the Kansas Center for the Book. Learn more about Kansas books and visit with librarians at the Kansas Book Festival.

The Yard takes you back in time to Victorian London and the era of Jack the Ripper. Its plot centers around the hunt for a serial killer who is targeting Scotland Yard detectives. The book is thrilling and hard to put down, Kathy said. For his in-depth research into early forensic science, Kathy commends author Alex Grecian, a Topekan and the son of Phil Grecian, a Topeka actor and published playwright. The Yard was 27th on The New York Times‘ Besteller Hardcover Fiction list as of June 2012. Read the Times‘ review.

All Booked Up Rating:
Doc: Excellent
The Yard: Stylin’

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