Stories & Crafts: All About Dogs

Welcome to our digital Stories & Crafts for preschoolers. The storytime will include a story and a rhyme or fingerplay. This week’s theme is dogs.

Craft: Shape Dog

Supplies you’ll need to make your dog:

  • construction paper
  • glue stick
  • crayons or markers if you want to create a background

Shapes you’ll need to create your dog:

  • one large rectangle for the body
  • one octagon for the head
  • four small rectangles for the legs
  • four small squares for the feet
  • one small oval for the tail
  • two triangles for the ears
  • one small triangle for the nose
  • one rectangle for the collar
  • one circle for the tag on the collar

I cut two small white and two small black circles for the eyes. You could just use crayons or markers to draw the eyes.


Cut out the shapes and glue them onto a piece of construction paper.

Things to talk about

  • Ask your child to identify the shapes as they glue them on the paper.
  • Give the dog a name.
  • Talk about how you take care of a dog.

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