The Action Packed Adventure, Seven Wonders

Seven WondersJeremy Grady was not supposed to be in the restricted research area at MIT, but he needed the equipment for his own research, and just as the data was coming together Jeremy was killed. His twin brother, Jack, was doing his own research at an archaeology site in Turkey when he got the news about his brother’s death. When Jack returns to the United States, he is shocked and angered about his brother’s murder and decides to investigate it on his own.

Jack’s only lead is a flash drive that was hidden among his brother’s things. He runs the drive and realizes that his brother had discovered a huge secret or even a conspiracy relating to both the ancient and modern Seven Wonders of the World. Jack knows that his brother’s evidence about the Seven Wonders is linked to his death. Seven Wonders by Ben Mezrich is the ultimate adventure novel as Jack crisscrosses the world, hangs from cliffs, and drops into jungles while being pursued by a deadly assassin.

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