For the Love of 80’s Nostalgia

I’m time traveling to the ’80s right now because I’m listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Have you read it yet? It was one of the books in the library’s most recent 2Book Topeka community read and I finally made it to the top of the queue. I also wanted to read it because Steven Spielberg’s movie opened in theaters on March 29 and as you know I’m a big advocate for reading the book first whenever possible. As for the story, I’m simply dazzled by Cline’s ability to include so many ’80s pop-culture references. I feel like trying to catch them all is a little like drinking from a fire hose!

Since the movie is currently in theaters and it will probably be 3-6 months before we see a DVD release date, I’ll be watching some of these classic ’80s movies mentioned in the book:

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Shannon Eddings

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