150 Kansas Poems

Sunday, December 11, 3:00–5:00 pm – Marvin Auditorium

Join more than 30 local and regional poets as they share poems, stories and passions relating to our inspiring state.

Hosts Matthew Porubsky and Leah Sewell welcome numerous local and regional poets to Topeka to share poems, stories and passions relating to our inspiring state. Join these poets in a final commemoration of Kansas’ 150th with the release of Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems from Woodley Press.

Join Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg Poet Laureate of Kansas, as she introduces the book. She’ll be followed by readings from the book by over 30 Kansas poets:

Karen Barron, Brian Daldorph, Paula Ebert, Dennis Etzel Jr., William Harris, Serina Alison Hern, Nancy Hubble, Hazel Hutchinson, Amy Karsmizki, Gary Lechliter, Eric McHenry, Ronda Miller, Rick Nichols, Amy Nixon, Karen Ohnesorge, Al Ortolani, Matthew Porubsky, Kevin Rabas, Thomas Reynolds, Linda Rodriguez, Judith Roitman, Elizabeth Schultz, Leah Sewell, Melissa Sewell, William Sheldon, Olive Sullivan, Israel Wasserstein, Iris Wilkinson, Donna Wolff, Peter Wright, Max Yoho

Begin Again is an anthology of 150 poems by living Kansas poets, edited by current Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. This is a must-read book of regional literature as well as an excellent read for poetry readers, in general. It is a beautiful anthology that includes 93 poets from within and beyond Kansas writing about this place and their lives.

Copies will be for sale after the readings and you can always check out a copy from the library.


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  1. This doesn’t mention when and where there readings will be. I wanted to add this to The Library Foundation’s FB page and I am sure people might be interested in attending. Let me know. Thanks so much.

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