Top Ten Reasons for Visiting the Alice C. Sabatini Art Gallery

Visitors, Program Participants

Number Ten– The Sabatini Art Gallery is close to you. We are centrally located and on the city bus line.  We have a large parking lot and bike racks, too!

Number Nine- The Sabatini Art Gallery is free.  That’s right!  This is free entertainment, free education and a free experience all rolled into one.  The art classes, programs and workshops are free and all supplies are provided.

Number Eight- The Sabatini Art Gallery has something for all everyone.  Our gallery team considers the wide variety of ages and learning abilities of our visitors and something for each.  For example, we might have hand-outs or a Make-it-&-Take-it area for children (and the young at heart!).  Teens enjoyed our last workshop, Wearable Art: Amulets.  For those who like to read, there is additional text to explain different aspects of the exhibit in further detail as well as short, concise information for those with fewer reading skills.

Number Seven- The Sabatini Art Gallery is a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Art provides a common denominator to interact, express opinions, and discuss your own insights.  A great way to talk and spend time with one another in a relaxed, cool atmosphere.

Number Six- The Sabatini Art Gallery helps bring change and development to communities. This is true of art in general and, specifically, because we make the effort to have a wide variety of exhibits with topics such as art that expresses the inexpressible (ideas, philosophy).  Art can also be a record of history from which we learn so much.  Social issues are another source of inspiration for artists that help us to visualize contemporary concerns and issues.  Art can also bring people together by giving them “common ground” or a common topic.

Number Five- The Sabatini Art Gallery inspires.  Visitors comments: “I could do that!”, “I would like to learn to make art like that”, or “How do they think of these ideas?”  We work hard to plan exhibits that will bring new ideas and/or types of art to our community.

Number Four- The Sabatini Art Gallery is a community center.   As part of Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, we are central to a diverse population that visits here.  People who come in for meetings stop in on breaks, for instance.  Also, we are one-stop-shopping for those who are also coming in to the building to use the computers, check out books, eat lunch or attend a program or workshop. A visit to the gallery is right on the way!

The Rolling Earth, Bernard Stone

Number Three- The Sabatini Art Gallery provides an effective way of learning.  Art helps us see the world in new and innovative ways.  The Sabatini Art Gallery also offers FREE workshops and programs such as World, Art and You, an art making program for teens-adults.  The next exhibition is our annual children’s show with great programming.

Number Two- The Sabatini Art Gallery makes you smarter.  Our goal in the gallery is to help people get art through object exploration, discovering how art is made and why, exploring the creative processes, and personal expression through participation, collaborative and interactive learning opportunities.  One participant in World, Art and You drawing class commented that she enjoyed gaining an “understanding of what goes into different types of art creation.”

Number One- The Sabatini Art Gallery makes you feel good.  Art can be beautiful, interesting or thought-provoking.  We aim to help each visitor tailor their visit to their own needs.  Some like to have a little introduction to the current exhibition and then quietly spend time with the art.  One such visitor remarked, “I like to come here to look and think in a different way.”  Recently, I had the pleasure of giving an impromptu tour to a large group of Girl Scouts and Daisies.  Their excitement at each discovery was hard for them to contain.  The Touching Table was an especially big hit.  Come on in and let us show you around!

Night Class, Angie Pickman



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  1. There are several classes for teens through adults this fall. Check in the Connect Now Library News for the schedule or stop by the Sabatini Gallery.

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