See Local History in the Making

A Moment in Time: Our Local Responses to a Global Crisis
Oct 9 – Nov 22, 2020

The world shut down in March 2020 and may never be quite the same. We gathered symbols and stories of 2020 to show how COVID-19 impacted and continues to impact Topeka and Shawnee County. This is just the start of our community’s pandemic story. See local history in the making.

Isolated connections; our need for and creativity with masks; comparisons to the Spanish Flu of 1918; business, school and restaurant closures; and a renewed urgency/awareness of social justice are reflected in A Moment in Time: Our Local Responses to a Global Crisis. 

History is happening right now. Email us your story or images today.


Thank you to the following community contributors and lenders

Alice Eberhart-Wright | Allison Beebe | Betsy Roe | Brandon Aldridge | Bryan Paul Daugharthy | C. Mahesh Kumar | Carol Christensen | Christiana Adjagodo | Christie Appelhanz | Debbie Stanton | Donna Rae Pearson | Erica Garcia-Babb | Frankie Sheffield | Gay Glenn | Heidi Tanner | Janet Degenhardt | Janet Jenkins-Stotts | Jeri Jarvis | Jiyuan Chen | Julie Velez | Kayla Dugan | Lisa Davis | Lissa Staley | Lyndsey Stamper | Lyric Smith | Lorine (Thompson) Nolte | Marco Flores | Mary and Robert Wolfesberger | Megan Martin | Nancy Daniels | Natalie Allen | Natalie Mooreland | Pamela Johnson-Betts | Regina Yunghans | Rev. Juliet Kent-Hemphill | Rodney Harmon | Sally | Sherry Hess | Shota Matsumoto | Sky Westerlund | Tasha Ransom Davis | Tiffani Smith | Victoria Finney | William T. Joyce | William & Patricia T. Joyce | Will Valk | Yamato Arai

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