Big Air Package, new work by Christo

Big Air PackageBig Air Package is the most recent project by world renowned artist Christo since the passing of his wife and artistic partner Jeanne-Claude in 2009. Big Air Package is on view at the Gasometer in Oberhausen, Germany, until December 30, 2013.

Air Package, collage, 2011 drawingBig Air Package is a huge indoor inflated envelop without a skeleton that stands 90 meters tall, with a diameter of 50 meters and a volume of 177,00 cubic meters. (For us Americans that translates to: 295 feet tall by 164 feet wide, with a volume of 6,251,000 cubic feet.) The structure extends almost wall to wall, leaving a narrow passageway for visitors to walk around and view the pieces from all sides. Air locks allow visitors to experience this monumental work of art from the inside while two fans generate a constant air pressure and keep the work of art inflated.

This is the second work of art Christo has created for the Gasometer. The first was The Wall – 13,000 Oil Barrels in 1998-99, when thousands of colorful barrels were stacked 26 meters tall and spanned the interior of the Gasometer, cutting the building in half.

Christo is known throughout the world for wrapping large objects and creating new ways of seeing familiar landscapes. A few of his well known projects are Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin 1995; The Gates, New York City, 2005; and Surrounded Miami Islands, Biscayne Bay, Miami, 1983.

For more information about Christo and his works of art see these websites:

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