Murals – Art for Everyone!

Every toddler tries to draw on the wall. The urge to put your mark on that wide open space is irresistible. Most of us give up our future in wall art but some artists continue to express themselves by making their marks on walls.

Muralists create public works that share the culture and dynamics of a community. Some artists work alone but many work with other artists and even local people to create murals.

A Thousand Miles Away 2001 David Loewenstein Lawrence, Kansas

Unlike most artists these brave souls must deal with their work being a permanent part of its location. Whatever happens to the wall will happen to the art. Plus the works and the artists must be able to withstand the scrutiny of all who pass by.

They even have to allow the public to watch the work in progress. How many artists would be willing to be so vulnerable? It takes courage to make public art.

Abbot’s Chapel Mural 1938 Brother Bernard (Wilhelm) Wagner Atchison, Kansas


You may think only world famous places and artists are involved in making murals. You could not be more wrong! Most murals are done by local individuals and groups with their own community spirit and ideas.

Check out some books to find out more about the who, what, where, when and how of public art. These creations are gifts a few inspired people give to the rest of us who may chance to pass by.

Jayme Lyons has worked in the library Bookmobile department for 20 years. Her energetic style and deep desire to connect with others helps her bring her subjects to life.

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