2016 – Elliott Erwitt Dog Dogs

dog with rose collar

“My attraction to dogs is stirred purely by emotion… For me, the dogs are both an excuse and a reason for taking these pictures. They give me an excuse because they make good subjects. I like them, people want to see them, I can’t resist!”
-Elliott Erwitt

Come to the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery to find your inner pooch and discover some great art, too.

Dogs in the limelight

Elliott Erwitt: Dog Dogs leaves little question about Erwitt’s love of man’s best friend. For the photographer, it is the photograph that counts, above and beyond its subject.

But Erwitt is bound to be called a sentimentalist because he photographs dogs, whom we, in our species-centric way, tend to think of as, well, animals.

poodle watching a dog show

GREAT BRITAIN. Birmingham. 1991.

If Erwitt proves anything, however, it is that our close relationship with these furry fellow travelers is due to mutual resemblance and emotion. Erwitt sees the dignity of the ankle-high Chihuahua; the anxiety of the homeless hound; the smugness of the adored dachshund, sitting on its chaise lounge in the noonday sun; the patience of the pom-pommed poodle; and the oafish joy of a homely but well-loved pug.

chihuahua in a sweater

USA. NYC. 1946.

In his vast range of sentiment, and in his easygoing but precise mastery of the abstract elements of composition, Elliott Erwitt is an acute observer of the canine world.

Get your dog on

The gallery has a lineup of fun events surrounding the Dog Dogs exhibit. Check it out:

  • Dog Dogs Everywhere – a Dog Fair! Saturday, June 4, 2016 • 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Community Pet Project – bring a pic of your pet to display in the gallery for the whole community to see!
This exhibit was organized by art2art Circulating Exhibitions. All photographs are copyright Elliott Erwitt and Magnum Photos.

Elliott Erwitt: Dog Dogs is the 15th Annual Art Exhibit for Children and is sponsored by the Sabatini Family Foundation.

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