Arts & Crafts for Your Pets

If you love your pet and love to create things, create something for you beloved pet. Personalized pet paraphernalia can easily be bought. You’ve seen the dishes with Fido and the collars with Sparky. But let’s take it a few steps further.

Take that water bowl. You can always find one to decorate at any paint your own pottery shop. Those are fun, but let’s think outside the bowl. Maybe create a mini bucket, a shallow fish bowl or a dainty serving dish.

Craft stores carry paints and markers that adhere to any surface and can stand up to frequent washing. You can even add some sparkle with glue on jewels, with the right glue. If your pet friend is a bit more macho, try nuts and bolts or other interesting hardware embellishments. Or make a cool bowl stand.

Pet clothing can go well beyond a collar or fancy tag for your cat, dog or pot-bellied pig. The world abounds with patterns for sweaters, hats, vest and holiday costumes for pets of every type. Even if you don’t knit or sew you can find ways to help your pet express their personal style.

Everybody needs a home or at least a bed. You can embellish your kitty’s basket with everything from paint to bells. You can create a hamster house from an interesting container or build a doggie treehouse! Call it art, craft, carpentry or just plain fun.

When is a cat toy not a cat toy? Never! Pretty much anything becomes a cat toy with a little feather or yarn. Of course, you know that’s not quite true. Pet toys must be safe. The old catnip sock is a standby but what if it has yarn whiskers, a felt ears and some dreadlocks.

Even birds can be the recipients of personalized gifts. A chew stick can be made of wooden shapes from the nursery or nature. Instructions include do’s and don’ts to keep the beaked friend’s toys safe and sturdy. Then your just one tiny mirror frame from a decorator cage.

Even our scaly friends from lizards to goldfish can get a bit of your creative attention. Your pet deserves more than a boring backdrop for their tank. You can create one from your own photos, magazine pics and drawings. How about fun furnishings! Rocks, blocks, fancy dishes and foliage.

As you can see the Skye terrior’s the limit when you put your creativity to work letting your pet friends know how much you love having them around.

So get started on those Christmas sweaters and don’t forget the one for Fifi with matching booties for the snow! Check out this booklist for more ideas and instructions.

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Jayme Lyons has worked in the library Bookmobile department for 20 years. Her energetic style and deep desire to connect with others helps her bring her subjects to life.