A Matter of Choice

Artists make countless decisions while they create. Some decisions are conscious, deliberate and planned. Other decisions happen by circumstance, chance or providence. This exhibit takes a look at two decisions in particular – material and process.

What materials will the artist work with?

  • Ink, paint, charcoal or graphite
  • Stone, clay, glass, metal or wood
  • Paper or canvas
  • Sound or light
  • Digital media
  • Found objects – basically anything

What processes will the artist use to manipulate the selected material?

  • Working in two dimensions or three?
  • Working their hands or with tools?
  • Using traditional techniques or modern technology?
  • Is the intention to use the piece for some practical purpose or pure expression?
  • Controlling every aspect of the design or allowing nature to take its course?

Explore these choices with us in the Sabatini Gallery’s front exhibit from March 11 – May 3.

Robert Ebendorf
untitled (ring)
silver, plastic, lead

Ebendorf is a jeweler, metalsmith and educator. He uses found objects like reflectors, pop tabs and silver spoons to create his jewelry.


Marilyn Grisham
Sky View
cloth, thread, steel

Grisham is a fiber artist who often combines weaving and free machine stitching in her work.


Winifred Lutz
Flood Paper
plant materials, shells, plastic

Lutz is a sculptor, fiber artist, installation artist, and handmade paper artist who is sensitive to the environment and its history in her work.

As a Public Service Specialist, Meg helps the community try their hands at all kinds of things from arts and crafts to science and technology. Currently, her favorite program is Teen STEAM where teens learn leadership skills, and get hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, art and math