2015 – AlBo Glass

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Runs June 29 – August 23 in the Sabatini’s Front Gallery

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Doug and Laura
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AlBo Glass celebrates 25 years of artistic creation this year, and we’re excited to exhibit a large variety of work from the Library’s collection and several pieces from the Sheafors, Topeka’s first family of glass.

What began as a union of mother and daughter has become an evolving synthesis of family, friends, and artistic creation.

The Sheafors, Doug, Bo, Bram, Nathan, and Alison, are a family who enjoys getting together over a pot of molten crystal.

AlBo Glass started in 1990 when Alison graduated from Kansas University with a passion for glass blowing. Bo built a studio in the garage of their 1888 home in Potwin, a neighborhood of Victorian houses in Topeka.

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Adding a solid color overlay
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AlBo comes from joining the first two letters of Alison’s and Bo’s names.

Bo passed away unexpectedly in 2006. With new ideas and designs from associates Laura Engelhardt, Joyce Knott, and Jen Oliver, Doug continues to grow AlBo Glass.

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